usiness Strategy Analysis is a cumbersome task for professionals that require detailed study of internal as well as external factors that affects a particular business. The effort requires making a compact analysis that takes into consideration the past and the present events to determine the probable outcome in future. In order to execute an effective business strategy analysis experts usually follow a channelized approach through working on the following steps:

Identifying Strategic Goals

The primary step towards business strategy development is identification of strategic goals. Strategic goals include factors such as the mission and the vision of a particular business that guides its course of action. The procedure also focuses upon:

competitive and market goals- analysis of market share, market growth, a firm's potential to penetrate its product/ services into the existing market.

Financial Performance- determination of factors based on key ratios such as return on investment, profitability ratio, etc.

Defining Business Strategy

Business strategy is the key to success for any firm. The area includes focusing upon strengths and threats that a business has. Based upon the given potential a business prepares product-market strategy along with product lines and positions, market access, customer targeting and strategic processes. There are 5 challenges within this area:

  • Describing the strategy for customer target and its related requirements.
  • Describing the product positioning and product lining strategies for the market division.
  • Identification of technological requirements
  • Identification of strategic process/ processes
  • Identification of market access tactics

Identifying the Internal Potential and Skills: A firm's ability to operate on its internal potential is mainly dependent upon its functioning and operating process. The process of strategy implementation depends upon the nature of the organization and the capabilities that are derived mainly depend upon-

  • Research and Development Programs
  • Timely Market evaluation
  • Manufacturing setup
  • Integrated Supply chain management

Strategic Performance: No strategy can be termed as effective until and unless it has been monitored through performance evaluation. A business strategy has to ensure that its key strategies operate with a continuous flow in areas related to financial performance and market share. The financial performance of a business is likely to determine the ability of a business to operate on its expansion program whereas on other hand, the market share shows the existing influence of the company over the related market. Order Now!

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