Dissertation is a complex piece of writing that runs over several pages with a view to present a complete analysis on a given topic. However, the importance of writing a dissertation is similar to that of structuring it. An effective writing is incomplete without a proper structure and vice-versa. Hence, candidates should not only focus upon making their dissertation informative but also organized. Here is something that will settle your query on how to write a dissertation.

Step 1 An Abstract to summarize your dissertation

In first place, it is important to place an abstract piece of writing that summarizes your dissertation. The summary should resemble a high-level representation of your dissertation but should be devoid of any references and quotes.

Step 2 Acknowledgement to follow the abstract

An acknowledgement should begin on a fresh page where you would be looking forward to thank all those people and resources that have made it possible for you to work on this dissertation. It can range from a handful of people to a long list of contributories.

Step 3 Table of contents

The table of contents should be the guide to your dissertation. Start by presenting the sections and sub-sections in their order of appearance in the dissertation. This will give the readers an overall view of your content.

Step 4 Starting your dissertation

The introduction of your dissertation should focus upon the scope of your research along with discussing upon the need to conduct the research. Presentation of background information is also necessary for the readers to understand the context of your dissertation.

Step 5Determining the approach

Once the introduction section has been neatly completed the body section of the dissertation comes to focus. The body section can be of two types- formulaic structure and hypothesis structure. Formulaic structure is related to topic within history or literature, whereas on the other hand, hypothesis structure depends upon experiential research.

Step 6 Concluding your dissertation

The conclusion of your dissertation should be based on presentations of your findings in context to the executed research. It should neatly justify your vision along with mentioning your dissertation's contribution to the topic.

Step 7 Placing the reference list

A compact reference list along with appendices will allow you to complete your dissertation. Contact us: info@managementpaper.com

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