Have you ever wondered why thesis writing sounds as a cumbersome task? The reason is that you always treat it as a task which is utmost dull and boring. In order to be good at thesis writing, you need to feel the particular topic and develop an interest towards the respective subject. Here is a simplified approach to thesis writing that will allow you to create a flawless piece of writing that has all the ingredients that are essential to arouse the interest of the readers.

Choice of topic

Writing a thesis is not restricted to only certain subjects. Rather, thesis is pervasive in nature and can be written on a variety of subjects. A writer is at liberty to choose his area of interest and topic where he thinks that he can produce a complete analysis of a thesis statement. However, this approach is not applicable in cases where the topic has already been provided by a higher authority. In such cases the approach needs to be straight forward where the given topic needs to be analyzed.

'Treasure hunt' your topic

An interesting fact, with thesis writing is that the writers are required to conduct a 'treasure hunt' before they actually start off. The step includes tracing the hints mentioned within the topic, followed by arriving at published information which is directly and indirectly related to the given topic. The more you dig the internet and library, the quality of the information will increase with the same. Collect all the information in a single place and then eliminate the less valuable ones.

Analyze the internal and external factors

Irrespective of whether the topic has been assigned or chosen there are external and internal factors that play a major role. An analysis of the topic is implied as it will determine the course of your writing. A thesis can either be written in a form a persuasive paper where the writer intends to prove something or the thesis can also be written in a descriptive form where the purpose of the thesis will be to describe a particular topic. Concern about the targeted audience will affect the choice of words in the thesis.


With all considerations met and obliged, it is now time to write a thesis. Follow the traditional form of academic writing where the whole piece of writing is segregated into three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. Place the thesis statement in the introduction paragraph followed by placing some solid references to your arguments in the body section. The conclusion section will sum up the whole discussion with the writer's point of view of the selected or assigned topic.

And this is it! Now there is no to keep on asking how to write a thesis? as you finally know all about it. Breaking down a particular task into minute steps will always allow you to tackle the problem in an efficient manner.

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