Worried about how to write an essay? A perfect essay is a blend of information and creativity that represents your way of thinking. This content is a "to the point" affair where we discuss 10 crisp steps to make your essay perfect!

Step 1 Research

The primary step towards any topic is to make a sound research. The step will include accumulating information which is related to the given topic. Research material can have references form books, magazines, journals, internet, etc.

Step 2 Analyze

After accumulation, the research material should be analyzed as per the requirement of the essay. Information which is a little distant from the topic should be clearly ignored as they will distort the flow of the essay.

Step 3 Devise

The most important part of your essay is your viewpoint. Therefore, it is impeccable for you to present a compact viewpoint to the given topic. Devising your personal opinion will play a key role in maintaining the flow of the essay.

Step 4 Compress

The length of your essay should be within the given word limit. There is no point writing page after page because it will fluctuate over a variety of areas. You focus should be only on the given topic. For an instance, if your topic for essay is "Apple", then you should write only about "Apple" rather than moving ahead to fruits that are substitute for apple.

Step 5 Framework

Once the basic pool of information is ready, it is time to set up a framework for your essay. Be extremely cautious of what you are framing and maintain a traditional flow which has the introduction paragraph in the beginning followed by the body and conclusion section.

Step 6 Introduce

To start off, the introduction of your essay should immediately jump into the topic and should allow the readers to focus upon the requirements and the discussions the follow in the upcoming sections.

Step 7 Explain

The explanation takes place in the body section where various paragraphs constitute towards establishing a specific conclusion through references, viewpoints and theories. Maintaining the flow of the essay is very important as most of writers fail to stick to their point.

Step 8 Conclude

The conclusion for an essay should be simple. It should summarize all the key areas which were discussed in the body as well as answer the question which was raised in the introduction paragraph. Once again, personal opinion counts over here.

Step 9 Format

Formatting your essay will improve the overall look of your essay. Make sure that the margins and paragraph are evenly placed on every page. Moreover, spacing issues in between characters should be also taken into consideration.

Step 10 Language

The tone of your essay should always be persuasive. This means that the essay on which you have been working upon should influence the readers and assure that they agree with what you are concluding. Use of moderate words with the blend of humor is the best weapon here.

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