How to Write A Research Paper

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Write A Research Paper

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  • Mar 05, 2021

Writing a research paper is not a mammoth’s task. It is not even a child’s play. But with the effective and proper ways of conducting the research, anyone can learn how to write a research paper properly and gain good grades. Being in college or university, it is an impossible task to skip research papers. So here is a simple guide to draft your research paper easily by following and understanding the given steps below.

Difference Between A Research Paper and A Research Proposal

In order to write and learn how to write a research paper, one must know the difference between a research proposal and a research paper. A piece of academic writing, mostly an expanded essay that puts up one’s own interpretations upon a topic based on research methods and analysis can be termed as a research paper. In order to propose and convince the professor or any other coordinator about a research paper, a proposal is framed, which is a shorter version of the research paper. It can be considered as a prologue to the research paper. The research proposal outline is similar to that of a research paper but excludes few elements. The acceptance of the research proposal will make the readers value the research paper.

Tips and Tricks Before to Know How to Write A Research Paper in A Correct Manner

Writing a research paper not only includes writing but proper research and finding out valuable sources of data and information is equally important for that. Also a paper helper may also guide you with proper suggestions for the paper. The following suggestions can be considered by researchers in writing a research paper.

1. Proper Extensive Research Has to Be Performed: It is a crucial factor to decide which mode of research methodology will be followed. The entire paper depends upon these criteria. The target sample has to be identified and the proper sources of information have to be collected and all of these data has to be merged to make a conclusion about the entire topic. Collect facts and evidence from sources like the internet, scholarly journals and articles, video recordings of people and also through surveys and interviews conducted among a specific group of audience.

2. Tabulating and Organising The Facts and Data: Once the data has been collected, next the entire set of information has to be organised in a proper and safe manner. These are the assets for the paper. These data can be stored in the computer of the researcher or can even take printouts of the hard copies. The counter-opinions can be grouped into a particular folder and then statements for the topic into another folder with their own set of evidence. This would prevent the coagulation of all the data and make it easier for the researcher to find and cite the evidence.

3. Preparing the Outline for The Research Paper: Everything needs a proper planning and a rough sketch. Even for the dissertation, a proper research paper outline has to be framed. This will further help the researcher to decide where to input which data and also in the preparation of the counter-statements and thesis statement. This paves a way for the researcher how they should proceed with the paper and learn how to write a research paper properly.

4. Identifying and Understanding the Proper Format Style: The presentation is a big factor in case of a research paper. The entire dissertation must be in font style of Times New Roman with a font size of 12, line spacing of 1.5 and alignment justified. Rest changes may take place only if mentioned. Also in case of citation, the referencing style is also important. Commonly Harvard and APA 6th are used. Also the sources must be authentic in nature. These are the common formatting styles that are available in any research paper outline example.

5. Proofreading Is A Must:  Double-checking is a necessary step before the final submission of the paper. The researcher can proofread the copies themselves or can take help of other people to point out even the smallest mistakes. This works as a filter for the paper and refines it.

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The Various Important Elements of a Research Paper That Makes the Paper More Effective

A proper research paper format consists of six necessary elements or parts that forms the backbone for the dissertation. They are:

  • Abstract: A research paper abstract is a summary of the crucial aspects of the paper that defines the purpose of the research and states the research problem. The basic design of the paper is given here and the trends and major findings are also stated to give the reader an idea about this paper. Various simple ways are there to guide a researcher on how to write a research paper abstract properly.
  • Introduction: The background of the study and the research rationale is mentioned in the research paper introduction. This is a gist of the paper and informs the readers about the progress in the paper.
  • Thesis Statement: The conclusion of the introduction in any research paper introduction example is the thesis statement. It is the claim or main point of the paper which would be established in the paper.
  • Body: The importance of the body of a dissertation can be well understood from a research paper outline templates. This includes the various headings, sub-headings along with the facts, figures and evidence to validate each point of the researcher. The body can be further divided into various sub-parts, namely:

1.Literature review- this state the various facts of the paper. This is theory part of this paper. The various journals, reports and articles are surveyed to get valuable information about the topic. These works are critically evaluated in accordance to investigate the research problem.

2.Research Methodology- this contains the research methodology. The two kinds of methods: quantitative research and qualitative research are conducted here or one of them to find out data about the paper. Data is collected through two processes: primary (existing literatures) and secondary (interviews and surveys) data collection. These are then organised and later used for analysis.

3.Data analysis: the obtained data and information are analysed in this section. Based on this analysis, the result of the paper is concluded. Analysis is mostly done by making up questionnaires and charts to segregate the collected data and get their proper interpretations.

  • Conclusion: The research paper conclusion not only concludes the paper by summing up the various entails of the paper but also suggests some strategic recommendations for the problem. The limitation of the study and also the future scope of the study is mentioned in this section.
  • Bibliography: The sources of even the smallest data or information collected by the researcher are mentioned in this section. In any research paper example, one can find that a paper is filled up with lots of bibliographies. Also the in-text citations of these bibliographies are included within various sections of the paper.

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Ideas and Examples for The Topic of The Research Papers

Researchers who want their papers to be acknowledged by others and also get good grades in them are always in search of good research paper topics. A good topic ensures better availability of data and information and will also attract a lot of readers. It is difficult to get a proper idea for research paper, but not a difficult one.

Some common research topic for marketing and business are:

  • Outsourcing or Insourcing: Which is better for an enhanced human resource management system in a company?
  • How far the small and medium sized enterprises making profits through online retailing?

Education research topics:

  • Home schooling: a safe way to make the child educated even during the pandemic.
  • Attention deficit disorder: the fast spreading new ‘virus’ among the children.

Some common nursing research topics are:

  • The rising problems faced by the children at the care in the UK
  • The complexities rising at the acute coronary syndrome care due to the coronavirus inside the body of a patient.

The above steps can be used as a guideline to draft a research paper and efficiently make you learn how to write a research paper. A researcher may face various problems while penning down the whole paper. In case of such difficulties, it is better to reach out to an academic expert like that of ManagementPaper who would definitely provide help to the researchers. Management paper is a well-known name in the academic field in providing help to the paper writers.

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