50 Great Debatable Topics to Make Your Essay A Brilliant One

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  • Mar 30, 2021

Debatable topics lead on to the drafting of debatable essays in which you need to raise up a debate and then present two sides of the essay topic. Such kinds of essays are also known as argumentative essays. With such a topic in hand, you first need to take up side as per the subject of the essay, that is, decide whether you will write for or against the topic. Once decided, you can start the process of drafting such an essay.

Key Tips Before You Start Writing on Debatable Topics:

  • It is mandatory to frame up a good argument from the debatable topics to make the essay a brilliant one.
  • From various essay examples, you can see that these kinds of essays are focussed- a clearly stated thesis statement and transparent claims.
  • Be rational in thoughts and use evidence to support your claims. The Experts from the Management paper can efficiently make you understand how to do this.

Debatable Topics in Relation to Science

  1. Is it legit for the various governments of the various countries to get directly involved in the harsh climatic change worldwide?
  2. Should the children who go to the public schools must be first vaccinated before they are allowed to attend the schools?
  3. What is the role of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our lives: helping us or making things worse for us?
  4. Should the ‘would be parents’ be given the right to modify genetically the child that is yet to take birth?
  5. Should the government start taking steps towards legalizing fracking?

Debatable Topics Related to Technology

  1. What is the impact of the internet and its varied services on human society: positive or negative?
  2. How much do you think is there a necessity for making up laws for the citizens of a country for using their mobile phones while driving?
  3. How much ethical is it to introduce automation instead of human workers at the workplaces and factories?
  4. Should the self-driven cars be made legalized in a country and how far are they safe in different kinds of countries?
  5. Is it correct for a social networking media like that of Facebook to collect different kinds of data through the digital footprints of its users?

Debatable Topics Related to Sports

  1. Why is the US government not taking the game of soccer in a serious sense?
  2. There exists a concept in baseball about designated hitters. How far do you think this concept has to be abolished?
  3. Will it be legit to bring about segregation into sports based on gender?
  4. Should the players and the coaches in every team and in every game must be given the same amount of salary or fees?
  5. The athletes in colleges are efficient at playing the same but the amount they are paid are quite less than that of any good player. State your opinion regarding should they be paid equally as that of the players?

Some Debatable Topics Related to Religion

  1.  Should the people who are designated as the clergy be given the permission to get married?
  2. How far is it necessary for the school to include religion as a subject and teach them in great details?
  1. What do you think about the pledge of “one nation under God” and how far it is apt to be made the allegiance pledge?
  2. Can clubs like the religion club be made in the schools to discuss various religions?
  3. Are the various religious organisations tax payers of the countries?

Some Debatable Topics Related to Health

  1. Can the various doctors have the permission of promoting medicines on their own?
  2. How far is it fair to use the face value of various celebrities and influencers for advertisement and promotions of weight loss items and dietary supplements like that of teas?
  3. Assisted suicide has become a serious concern over the entire world and there has a demand to make it a legalized one. State your points on this matter.
  4. Shall there be a switch towards the trend of the single payer healthcare facilities and services for every age group?
  5. Can minor individuals be given the right to purchase birth control medicines without the consent of their parents or guardian?

Some Debatable Topics Related to Politics and Government

  1. Should there be an election to elect the justices for the Supreme Court and give each of them a fair trial?
  2. Why the people in prison are still denied their basic right to vote? Though in prisons, are they still the citizens of that country? Sate your views
  3. The process of offline registration for voting can be a lot hectic at times. What if the entire system of registration to register oneself as a legit voter of the country can be done online?
  4. Can Puerto Rico be given the identity of a state?
  5. In the present modern America, how effective can you call the system of the Electoral College?

Some Debatable Topics Related to The Subject of Ethics

  1. Should the possession of drugs by any individual be decriminalized?
  2. How far do you think it is apt to test and experiment the effects of the new drugs on the animals?
  3. Will it be fair to make the death penalties legalized?
  4. Will it be fair if the Indigenous Peoples’ Day is being celebrated instead of the Columbus’ day?
  5. Will the legalizing o the sex workers and their business makes any difference to the state?

Some Debatable Topics Related to Economic

  1. What should be the ideal tax rates at different corporations? Shall it be on the higher end or on the lower end?
  2. Maintaining a basic income for all the working people universally is a necessity now so as to make all people achieve their basic needs of fooding, lodging and clothing.
  3. How far do you think monopoly can be allowed in a country and how can it benefit the government?
  4. The minimum limit or the lower limit for the wages of a person needs to be increased immediately so as to let those people meet their basic needs at least.
  5. Every kind of internship requires immense effort in it and hard work too. This can just not be satiated through a mere certificate. Thus there arises a need for a basic remuneration at least.

Some Debatable Topics on Education

  1. Should there be introduction of comprehensive sex education in schools from an appropriate age group onwards to make the child aware of the different facets of sexual health?
  2. There is a need for the abolishment of the Greek life in different colleges.
  3. There are a lot of people who cannot afford to study and pay the lump sum amount in the colleges. So at least for the underprivileged ones, can the fees for the colleges be made free or at the lowest end?
  4. Many people say that the introduction of physical education in different classes in schools and colleges has been a big reason that hampers their studies and resulted in their degrading grades.
  5. Should the schools and colleges be strict about maintaining a particular uniform?

Some Debatable Topics on Culture And Arts

  1. Should the sharing and spreading of music and art over the internet be a legal thing or a fair concept?
  2. How far lays the importance of art education?
  3. What are the regulatory rules for restricting contents on YouTube before they are being uploaded?
  4. The books that are full of objectionable words or have just some of them must be banned on an immediate note. Discuss.
  5. The various graffiti on the streets can be regarded as vandalism or art?

In order to choose brilliant debatable topics, you need to analyse whether you are being able to present two sides of the essay topic or not. This is a mandatory criterion for it. There are a lot more to it which can further be explained by an essay writer from the Management Paper. For years they have been making the students achieve brilliant grades and getting admission in some of the best universities.

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