Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Comparing and Contrasting Through Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

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  • Mar 22, 2021

Compare and contrast essays is a common types of essay where you need to compare and contrast two given subjects often mentioned clearly in the essay topic. In such an essay, evident in most of the compare and contrast essay examples, it is very important to lay stress on the essay topic and research well on both the given subjects to chalk out their similarities and differences both. The essay format and essay examples for this type of essays can be well understood from the experts of the Management Paper.

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples No 1

Essay topic: “There have been many advances in technology over the past fifty years. These have revolutionised the way we communicate with people who are far away. Compare and contrast methods of communication used today with those which were used in the past.”

Essay introduction:

  • Before the invention of modern technology and computers, people used to make use of traditional methods to communicate over long distances such as telephones and letters.
  • But nowadays, with the development in technology, we have a wide variety of communicating tools to render communication over distances such as emails, video calls and instant messaging services.
  • The tools or means previously used and the ones currently used for the purpose of communication are quite similar but vary a lot from the perspectives of range of the available tools and speed.

Essay body:

  • The most common similar thing between the past and present mode of communication is their communicating form or the ability to communicate. In the past, people used both forms of communication,that is, written like the letters and orally like in the telephones. Similarly, this trend has been the same even at present. Just like in the old days, written forms of communication are prevalent as through the text messaging services and emails. And also the oral mode of communication is also present in the forms of telephone calls, video calls, voice messages and many more.
  • Although, there also exists many differences in the past and present mode of communication, the most important of all being the speed of the two generations of communications. This can be a lot evident through the written modes for communication over long distances. In the old days, if you did write a letter, it would take a lot of days to reach its destination. In contrast to this, at present, even written forms of communication such as emails and text messages would reach the destination within a fraction of second. During the old days in the past, in order to send a short message, supposedly being at work, you could have written a memo and passed it on around the office and that would take you some good time to get circulated. Also in contrast to this situation, nowadays just a short message can reach up to you immediately almost in no time.
  • Another prominent difference is the communication method’s range. Fifty years back, the primary source of communicating with people over long distances was either the telephone or the letters. But compared to that, we are blessed with a variety of options nowadays. These not only include the telephones and letters, but emails, text messages and many more. Various video conferencing tools and softwares are available now like Skype and Google Meet and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook to be in constant touch with your friends and family.

Essay conclusion:

  • The various methods and means of communication with people over long distances have evolved greatly in the last fifty years. At one hand, there are few similar characteristics between the traditional means of communication and the present means of communication. In both the ages, the purpose of these means was for communication only. But on the other hand, we can see that they differed a lot in terms of their speed, range and agility.
  • Technology is constantly making huge progress and one day will come when the present technologies will become outdated to us too.

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples No. 2

Essay Topic: High school vs. college

Essay introduction:

  • College is mostly thought of as a continuation of academics of the high school. However these two terms are entirely different from one another and one can best understand this when one gets into a college.
  • Not only can you experience a new kind of freedom, but the two differ entirely from their grading, teaching style and structure.

Essay body:

  • The high school has a specific structure where the students need to follow a pre-decided set of rules for almost eight long years. Almost 30 hours a week or 6 hours a day are being spent by them at the school and are being taught various subjects with specific time and class allocations. Also the bus facility is there to ease out for the students to attend the school.
  • Also the teaching style for the teachers is through the use of textbooks and writing notes on a chalkboard. The students clear their doubts and take the notes that relate to the chapter from the textbooks only.
  •  Grades are being awarded to the students of high school on the basis of how well did they comprehend the text. Their abilities are being judged through quizzes, tests and homeworks.
  • The structure in a college is quite different from that of a high school. Instead of 30 hours per week, the students in college have to attend almost 18 to 20 hours of classes in a week. This is for the full-time students. The college follows a semester system where the session is divided into four parts, often, covering summer, spring, winter and fall.
  • Also college students or the teacher do not stick to the textbooks only, rather their lectures include their personal expertise on the matter based on their research from various sources, personal experience, illustrations and interactive materials. The teachers do not give out all the information to the students of a college and want the students to find ample knowledge on the subject through homeworks and research assignments. In case the student has any query, it is the sole responsibility of the student to clear out the doubt from the teacher. The teacher will never ask the student out.
  • When it comes to the grades, the teachers want the college students to pen down their thoughts and knowledge they gained through researching about the subject from various sources. Tests can either make or break the grades. Your knowledge would be examined through the semester exams and once you fail it, you are likely to fail the entire course only.

Essay conclusion:

  • College and high schools, both are the upper levels of academics using grading systems and class systems. But the teaching techniques, the grading styles and the structure are completely in contrast to one another.

The Things That You Can Use as Tips from Good Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

  1. Brainstorming ideas and representing them onto a Venn diagram. You have to research every possible idea about the subjects and place them into two circles. Then from there you have to chalk out the similarities and differences between the given subjects as you can see in any compare and contrast essay examples.
  2. Next you need to draft your thesis statement- the most significant claim of your essay. In this sentence you have to make the readers aware about what are the main areas where the two subjects have the potential to be similar and to be different.
  3. Create an essay outline for the essay. You can refer to compare and contrast essay examples to get an idea about the outline. The outline must be defined clearly in the three parts of an essay: essay introduction, essay body and essay conclusion.

 In good compare and contrast essay examples, it can be seen that the subjects are introduced in the introduction, compared and contrasted in the body and lastly the main outcomes are summed up in the conclusion. These can be well explained by an essay writer from the team of the Management Paper.

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