The Various Angles of Essays Through Cause-and-Effect Essay Examples

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  • Apr 07, 2021

The goal and purpose of cause and effect essays and cause and effect essay examples is to discover and discuss various occurrences of events that will finally lead on to certain results. While writing such an essay, one has to research a lot about the various causes and its consequent effect on the problem and how it makes a difference. You also need to present how these effects and causes can be dealt with proper authenticated evidence.

The Structure for A Basic Cause and Effect Essay That You May Find in The Cause-and-Effect Essay Examples

  1. Essay introduction: In this part, you have to define and describe the essay topic of your essay and introduce the subject to the readers. Also you have to include a hooking statement to grab the attention of the readers and mention the thesis statement, that is, the main claim of your essay.
  2. Essay body paragraphs stating and explaining the effects:  In these paragraphs in the essay body of cause and effect essay examples you may find that, just like the causes, you have to mention the most significant effect of the essay subject. Back it up with proper explanation and support them with proper evidence. In the subsequent paragraphs, mention the rest of the effects following the same pattern.
  3. Essay conclusion: The things you will find in good cause and effect essay  examples , is that they have restated the thesis statement, stated the most important ideas and points in the essay and tied them back to the thesis statement.

The structure of these types of essays can be well chalked out from cause and effect essay examples. Also you can get cause and effect essay examples from the experts of the Management Paper. You can even write essays with them as they prioritize essay quality and deliver each of the papers on time, even the ones with strict deadlines.

Cause and Effect Essay Examples #1

Essay Topic: Success

Essay Introduction:

  • Success- definition of the term
  • The various perspectives of the term- though it is an ambiguous term, yet it comes with a specific set of causes and effects. Like for one individual success can be brought up by the continuous hard work and diligence of that person towards an occupation or project.
  • Thesis statement: “In turn, success has certain effects, or consequences, as well: one is financial wealth.”

Essay Body:

  • The ways in which success can be defined
  • The feeling of success or how success looks like
  • The ways in which success of a person can be identified well
  • The spiritual, social and emotional implications of success on the individual in the society.
  • Achieving success- the example of a self-made millionaire
  • Explaining and demonstrating the effects of success- it can lead to better financial wealth and accumulation of it, better quality of life or the existing quality of life can be improved as the person has got what they wanted to do in life and thus is a lot happier.

Essay Conclusion:

  • Summarisation of the main points
  • Restating the thesis statement

Cause and Effect Essay Examples #2

Essay Topic: Homelessness

Essay Introduction:

  • The homelessness has become rampant in society and now has almost become an epidemic too, which has been prevalent in various major cities of the world.
  • Hook: “According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are over 500,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night.”
  • This is a multifaceted concept, both from its causes and effects.
  • Not only homeless people get affected in such a scenario, but also the people linked up with them, the common people including the neighbours and overall the entire environment gets affected adversely.
  • The most common crimes coming up are drug abuse and petty thefts.
  • Thesis statement: “While many factors have contributed to the rise in homeless rates, one of the most profound is the lack of adequate social support services.”

Essay Body:

  • Homeless person- a person who has got neither home nor any place to live in. Shelter is being taken by these people at the subway stations, ATM vestibules and parking garages. The administration of the cities must start giving attention to these people to provide them with a roof over their heads at least.
  • Privately or public social support services must immediately pay special attention to the people who are already homeless or on the verge of being homeless soon. They should start measures to take the long-term and immediate challenges being faced by these homeless people. The various factors leading to this homelessness can be tackled through considering factors such as career counselling, emotional or physical abuse treatment, drug counselling and lastly providing reliable and adequate shelter.
  • Individually, each of the homeless people has got their own story to narrate. Mostly it can be observed that homelessness was the outcome of a series of events. An unexpected and sudden loss of job, leads to both financial and mental family problems at home, that may make the person a drug abuser to cope up with the tensions, leading on to extreme financial stress and so on. It is like a chain reaction- one thing affects the other badly. The appropriate involvement of the social services at any point within this chain process can help the homeless people come out of the trauma.
  • The effects of this issue homelessness are quite complex and too similar to the causes of it. As the person is bereft of a home, he may face severe issues at maintaining peace within the personal relationships. As the person is already overstressed with the facets and troubles of being homeless, he may not be on good terms with the family and friends.  To cope up with the pain, drugs could be the best option to forget the troubles and stress in one’s life. This leads on to a downward motion pulling the person more into the pangs of poverty and deep isolation.
  • The impact of this homelessness is not constricted to the person only, it goes beyond the authority of the person. If there are an increasing number of homeless people in a particular area, this may also lead to increase in the property prices for that locality. This will cause the working class and middle class families to move out of the locality and this will lead to various criminal activities. Different kinds of business will close down and lead on to property crime and theft.

Essay Conclusion:

  • Homelessness is slowly spreading worldwide and every city or locality faces its new set of challenges towards coping up and tackling this problem. With efficient social services, this problem can be dealt with efficiently. With the right kind of social services the factors leading on to homelessness can be identified, reduced and also removed from the society.
  • Concluding line: “With powerful effects for both the individual and society at large, homelessness is a pressing issue and one that must be approached with tact and compassion.”

There are many more to learn from cause and effect essay examples. You have to learn the proper ways of identifying the causes, placing the effects of the problem and provide apt remedies to the underlying causes of the essay topic. With a paper writer from the academic writing service of the Management Paper, you can get many more cause and effect essay examples and they will guide you to make you study them deeply.

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