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Step by Step Guide to Draft A Research Paper Outline

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  • Mar 15, 2021

Every single step or decision you make in your life has to be planned and organised accordingly. Without proper planning, you would not be able to go forward with anything in life. In a similar manner, while learning how to write a research paper properly, we must learn how to draw an appropriate research paper outline for the research.

Definition of Research Paper Outline

The outline forms the skeleton of your paper. It is used to organise the various ideas about a given topic into a proper logical order and helps us in arranging the headings, subheadings and supporting details. Drafting an outline means you are halfway through the research.

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A General Format of The Outline

The most common type of a research paper outline has the following components as the headings and the sub-headings:

1. Introduction

1.1 Thesis

1.2 Research questions

1.3 Research objectives

2. Literature Review

3. Research methodology

4. Data analysis

5. Conclusion

6. Recommendation

The above structure represents a most commonly used structure for a research paper format. These may vary as per the requirements given in the assignment brief. To brief up, the entire paper is divided into three broad sections: introduction, body and conclusion.

The Introduction of a Research Paper Outline

The introduction of the research paper is similar to the research paper introduction as well as to the introduction stated in the research abstract and research proposal. It provides you with an idea what the study is all about, what domain it belongs to and what are the various aspects to be covered through this research. The background of the topic is mentioned in this section along with the research purpose, research questions and the aims and objectives of the research. The main questions that are to be achieved at the end of the study are stated and the various objectives are to be stated in bullet points that will be met throughout the entire research.

The Body Section of a Research Paper Outline

The body consists of the theoretical parts of the research. It consists of the sections of literature review, research methodology and data analysis.

Literature Review: The various important facts and information about the topic is mentioned here. Different types of reports, journals and research papers are thoroughly analysed to include information from these papers and also use them as evidence to support your statements.

Research Methodology: Under this section, the various methods in which the entire research was conducted to retrieve proper results are mentioned here. Two types of research methods are conducted: quantitative research and qualitative research. The data is collected through two methods: primary data collection and secondary data collection methods. The sample, sampling method and how to organise the varied data are done in this section.

Data Analysis: As the name suggests, the data and information collected after the data collection methods, are analysed critically in this section. Each response of the responders are noted and observed carefully and interpreted in terms of the research. Also you can use two other types of analysis: case study analysis and thematic analysis to get the proper outcome of the research.

The Conclusion of a Research Paper Outline

The summary of the key information about the aspects of the research that were found and analysed in the above sections are all included in the research paper conclusion. This section also includes a heading, ‘recommendation’ that consists of your strategic recommendation that you will be suggesting to resolve the problem of the research.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Outline Attractive and Well-Organized

Follow the following to initiate your research paper outline:

  • First, decide the research paper topic or the subject of your research paper
  • Write and chalk down all the features and aspects related to the topic that you want to be included
  • Organise these feature further into sub-groups
  • Arrange these features in a proper chronological order- the things that should be read by the reader first, which are the most important points and state the idea that will help you in concluding the paper effectively.
  • Break down the paper into more headings and subheadings, effective and efficient ones.
  • Lastly, you have to format the research paper outline in either decimal formal, full sentence or alphanumeric format.
  • Be consistent about every heading and subheading. Either state the topic or you may just write short sentences to explain but you should not do both.
  • Provide enough support to toy ideas and features. For each heading. You may use two or more authentic evidences.

The various elements of a research paper have to be carefully and critically introduced in the body section and then analysed from every perspective to get the needful results. You can take help from an affordable paper writing Service Company, who would write your paper on your behalf, meeting all your requirements with ease.

A Research Paper Outline Example

Topic: Measles and Its Vaccination

Thesis: Vaccination has helped in eliminating the measles virus to a huge extent but not yet completely.

1. Introduction

1.1 What are measles?

1.2 The recent rise in cases from those place which ha no or little traces of the disease

1.3 Statistics on the number of new cases, per year and on average. Also include immunisation.

2. The extent to which measles can be dangerous

2.1 Timeframe and symptoms of the disease

2.2 Fatality rates using statistics

2.3 The way measles get transferred from one person to another

3. Preventive measures: Immunisation

3.1 The procedure of immunisation in various areas

3.2 Importance of immunisation

3.3 Doubts against immunisation

    3.3.1 Various arguments of people from different places who are against immunisation

4. Case studies related to the debate of immunisation

4.1 Outbreaks in Thailand, Australia and USA

    4.1.1 The immunisation numbers in the affected areas with statistics

4.2 Rising cases in non-immunizing zones

5. Other Diseases and Measles

5.1 Dangers caused by the measles when linked to other diseases

    5.1.1 Diseases that result from the measles virus

    5.1.2 Fatality in other patients with other illnesses as a result of the measles virus

6. Conclusion

6.1 Summary of the arguments of the different groups

6.2 With the recent immunisation statistics, summary of the relationships and figures

6.3 Conclude with a statement based on all the data gathered and justify the argument.

A proper research paper outline examples will consist of the key areas of the research paper and will also let you understand the purpose of the research. Management paper is a renowned company in this academic field and can guide you effortlessly for your research paper as well as for your research paper outline.

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