How to Write an Essay: Prepare, Write and Revise?

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  • Apr 06, 2021

You have been quite well acquainted with writing essays since your primary classes at the school and know how to take an approach towards the topic. But you do not know how to write an essay that is completely based on academic research. An academic paper writing is quite different from the ones that you have learnt and have been doing since ages. This article is the appropriate one for you, to know everything about academic essays.

An essay which is mostly a piece of writing that focuses on a particular argument or idea and helps in developing it with the use of interpretation, analysis and evidence.

An academic essay is a detailed focused writing on a particular problem or argument. If you want to know how to write an essay properly, you can get in touch with the team of Management Paper, who are experts at academic writing. They will explain to you every small detail related to essays and essay writing.

Stages Involved Before You Know How to Write an Essay

There are three main stages involved in writing an essay. They are:

  • Preparing: An essay outline has to be created after deciding on your topic and doing proper extensive research on the topic:
  • Writing: Make three significant paragraphs for your introduction, body and conclusion. The arguments have to be set in the introduction, which are to be then developed in the main body with the proper and adequate number of evidence and lastly, wrapping up the entire thing in your conclusion part.
  • Revising: after you are done writing the essay, it is time to check every small detail in it: spelling, content, organisation, grammar and the format of the essay.

Preparation Before Writing Your Essay

Before writing your essay, you must have a transparent and clear idea about what you want to say or to express with your academic piece.

  1. Understanding the assignment: decide the objective of your essay. Decide on its length and time plan for it. Clarify if there is anything else you want to know about the topic.
  1. Defining the topic: If you are given the provision to choose your own topic, then you must choose something from your own domain; something that you already have knowledge in a bit and that will intrigue interest in you.
  1. Doing the research: gather and study all the available primary and secondary sources of information based on the topic. You must also provide evidence to prove your points.
  1. Coming up with a thesis: A thesis statement is the central idea or argument about the topic. Thus a clear thesis has to be framed to keep the writing focused and you must keep referring to it throughout the essay.
  1. Creating an outline: Frame the essay’s rough structure in an outline. This will give you the path to move upon.

As per a good essay format, you will easily get to know how to write an essay and also see that it is divided into three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. The research paper writer at the Management paper discusses the various types of essays and how to take the approach in each kind of an essay.

Writing A Good Essay Introduction For Your Essay

The introduction is what sets the tone of your essay and makes it easier for you to know how to write an essay. It contents 10% of the total word count and this is where the readers have to be the most interested in.

  1. Make the readers hooked: The first sentence should itself attract all the attention of the reader and thus is known as the hook. It may be a surprising fact, a bold question or an intriguing statement that emphasizes the relevance of the essay topic.
  1. State the background of the topic: Help the reader in understanding the argument by providing context. Provide any background information that is present on the topic, the existing literature based on this argument or problem and explain the main ideas from those sources. You must give every detail in the introduction itself, and place some in the body too.
  1. Draft the thesis statement: State the central argument that you are about to make in the essay. It helps to focus and signaling your position on the easy topic.
  1. Mapping the structure: The introduction, in case of the longer essays, can be ended by describing in brief the various aspects to be covered in each section of the essay. From here, the readers get an idea about the structure and get a clear idea on how the arguments are going to be developed throughout the essay.

Write the Main Body of The Essay

The body of an essay is where arguments are made to support the thesis, develop the ideas and provide evidence for our statement. Your sole purpose is to presenting, interesting and analysing the sources and information gathered to support the argument.

  1. Length: The length of the essay body is completely dependent on the type of essay you will choose to write upon. Generally, the body consists of 70% to 80% of the total word count of the essay. For an academic essay, you can divide the entire body into 7 to 8 paragraphs with proper headings and subheadings. Do not wonder how long is an essay , rather try to fit in every needful detail.
  1. Structure of the paragraphs: In a proper essay example, the essay is divided into paragraphs to give it a transparent structure. Each of these paragraphs should be revolving around one sub-topic only or around a concept related to the topic. The idea is presented in a single sentence as the heading or the sub-headings. From the previous essay paragraph, topic heading must be led and in the later paragraph the point must be introduced. You may use transition words for essays to denote clear connections between the various sentences.

Finish It Off with Your Conclusion

This is the final paragraph of your essay and takes up 10% to 15% of the total word count of the essay. The characteristics of a strong essay conclusion are:

  • It must return the readers back to the thesis statement.
  • It ties together the various headings and subheadings of the essay.
  • It states why the argument or problem of the essay matters.

You must finish off your conclusion with an impactful statement to leave an indelible impression upon the reader’s mind.

In case you face any more doubts regarding the various aspects related to an essay, you may get in touch with the team of Management Paper and clear your doubts regarding how to write an essay.

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