Top 40 Nursing Research Topics for Healthcare Students

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  • Apr 05, 2021

The students majoring in healthcare often put themselves in the writer’s block in order to find a suitable research paper topic for them. A good nursing topic will give rise to a well-researched and analysed research paper. This in turn will prove the researcher’s hold over his/her forte and also pass the examination with flying colours.

Most of the nursing research topic revolves around questions that deal with various concepts and definitions. Even with the existing concepts, you have to find out the knowledge gap in your field of research and try making it as innovative and unique as possible.

Reasons to Choose A Good Research Paper Topic

A research paper topics is one of the most important elements which depend on the fate of the paper. The topic is like the main idea of the paper and the paper along with its various elements revolves around it.

  • It is like the skeleton of the paper providing support and hence helping in substantiating the academic writing’s thesis statement.
  • The research paper topic contributes and paves way for writing the research paper introduction, research proposal, and research paper abstract.
  • The domain of your research is defined by the research topic and also helps in attracting the target audience and understanding their research’s implications.
  • The title can be compared to a worm that is used to catch a fish. If it does not seem interesting to the fish, the fish will never come close to it. So you must make use of variables in the research paper topic and make it alluring.

Some students at times prefer writing down the entire paper first and then on the basis of the writing, they start deciding the topic. This is a huge grave mistake. Such a thing must never be done. It was observed that many students either have referred to a different theme or the contents of the paper are not in symmetry with the research paper topic. In such a scenario, you may avail an efficient paper writing help to chalk out your research paper topic and this will also help you in writing the entire paper easily. A renowned organisation like the Management paper does a lot of research on various kinds of research papers and the team has also developed great knowledge and skill in building up efficient and effective research papers.

Ways to Choose A Good Nursing Research Topic

At times, it becomes quite challenging for the bio-science interns and students to come up with brilliant and alluring nursing research paper topics. A lot of diverse topics are covered in the field of healthcare and medical science. It is quite a common phenomenon for a student to get confused while chalking out how to choose the most interesting one.

At first, you must narrow down your focus. In case your chosen problem is too large and covers a huge academic area, it would be an impossible task to do thorough research on that topic. Always keep this in mind that you need not to solve complicated world problems so as to contribute greatly to medical science. You must choose a current topic which is already having a lot of literature studies, and your task would be to add something new and interesting to it. There are various interesting nursing research questions in the various areas, be it psychology, social work, clinical nursing or obstetrics.

A topic based entirely on your personal experience can be chosen. It can be anything that you have observed earlier or presently observing in your family or any serious issue that made you take part in the profession of nursing in the first place. You can observe various situations in your city, hometown or village that will help you to come up with an idea for nursing research topics that are completely evidence-based practice.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Some topics on the ways of enhancing development in language for children having some developmental disabilities

  1. The evaluation of pragmatic language patterns within the autistic children and the ways they have been growing old with such a problem.
  2. Analyse the care given to the children with congenital heart disease: discuss the various psychological issues faced by them.
  3. The new methods introduced in the Childhood cancer treatment optimization.
  4.  The various psychological issues faced by the children suffering from cancer and as well as their families.
  5. The efficiency in service delivery to the ones suffering from Cancer or is having such a patient at home.
  6. Analyse how childhood obesity has become a population health issue in various countries across the globe.
  7. How do oncology patients respond to radiation therapy? Also analyse how the hematopoietic system is disturbed once the princess of radiation is initiated in the body of a cancer patient.
  8. Discuss the mechanism of interactions among the immune system of a human body and that with the Leukemia cells.
  9. Explain the ways in which the molecular markers are being used in diagnosis of patients with acute leukemia, especially in children.
  10. Analyse the ways in which blindness in children can be treated with oxygen therapy. Also discuss how this therapy is the most risk-reducing strategy to cure the ailment.

Nursing Research Topics Related to Geriatrics

  1. Analyse the changes that take place in the cardiovascular system of a human body that are mostly taking place due to the age-related health problems.
  2. Analyse the age-related Changes in Nervous System and the various Cognition abilities appearing in the older adults.
  3. Discuss the different kinds of Physiologic changes that takes place in the musculoskeletal system mostly in older adults
  4. How the immune system reacts along with the various ageing issues and the changes taking place due to the age.
  5. The benefits and challenges in the older adults due to Vaccination.
  6. The risk factors and diagnosis of Urinary tract infections in the bodies of older adults.
  7. The effects and consequences on the organ systems caused due to malnutrition in older adults.
  8. State the various nursing care strategies for the elder adults in the gastrointestinal tract.
  9. Discuss the different long-term care facilities provided through nursing.
  10. The various nursing care strategies for the Sensory system changes and impairments in older individual adults.
  11. Analyse the good and bad effects of regular physical activity that helps in assessing the physical function in older adults.
  12. Analyse the different oral health conditions taking place among the older adults and the harmful effects of this ailment and state the proper treatment to be suggested for such an issue.

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Nursing Research Topics related to Midwifery

  1. Pregnancy and childbirth: how these concepts are perceived and tackled with women with disabilities.
  2. The adverse effects of midwifery care in labor, pregnancy, birth, and during the postnatal period.
  3. Discuss the ways in which the health outcomes for babies as well as women belonging to ethnic minorities can be improved.
  4. Analyse the effects on the health of both the babies and their mothers due to depression and anxiety post childbirth in new mothers
  5. Discuss the ways in which postnatal depression can be reduced with the help of a cost effective telephone support.
  6. The complications, risk factors and the ways to overcome diabetes during pregnancy.
  7. The ways to tackle Hypoglycemia in the newborns and the preventive measures to be taken to resolve it.
  8. The invaluable experience of motherhood in women: the new attachment, the new rising up feelings and the mother-infant bonding.
  9. The causes and prevalence of enormous amounts of stress among the midwives and nurses.
  10. The acceptability and feasibility of Group antenatal care.

Mental Health Research Topics in Nursing

  1. How the increasing levels of pollution and Alzheimer’s disease are deeply interconnected with one another?
  2. The effects of deficiency of Vitamin D in the older adults and cognitive impairments that is long-term among them.
  3.  How selective mutism and social phobia are connected?
  4.  Discuss the new prevention techniques for the Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  5.  Analyse the ways in which the mental health of the teenagers are being affected by social media.
  6.  The early detection and the various risk factors involved in the patients with the Bipolar disorders.
  7. Discuss the genetic factors    that are the main reasons for giving rise to the Bipolar disorder in families.  
  8. How can patients with depression benefit from the deep brain stimulation therapy?

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