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Writing a brilliant research paper is a complicated task but not an impossible one. One has to do a lot of study and get insights about the domain of the research in order to know how to write a research paper efficiently. A research paper is generally defined as an elongated essay in which you state whatever you have learnt about the topic of the paper after doing proper research, analysis and investigation on it. Data and information are mostly included in the paper from sources such as internet sites, journals, reports, books and many more.

The Different Types of Research Papers

The various kinds of research papers are:

  • Survey research paper
  • Experimental research paper
  • Interpretative paper
  • Cause and effect paper
  • Compare and contrast paper
  • Definition paper
  • Descriptive paper
  • Persuasive or argumentative research paper

All these papers can be in the forms of essays, reports, journals, articles and dissertations.

The Various Elements That You Should Include in Your Research Paper

Six important elements generally constitute the backbone of a dissertation that are mentioned in a proper research paper format. They are:

  • Abstract: The research paper abstract is also known as the executive summary in some papers, where the researcher gives a short description about the various events that will take place and the various information that will be provided in the research paper. All the major aspects included in the research paper are mentioned in brief in this section.
  • Introduction: A research paper introduction explains the problem of the research topic and defines the research aims, objectives and questions of the topic. All the things that are to be achieved through this paper are mentioned here in this section.
  • Thesis Statement: A thesis statement is the main point or the claim of the research problem which is to be established through this research. It is the concluding part of the research paper introduction.
  • Body: This differs from one paper to another. In case of an essay or a report, the body is divided into multiple headings and subheadings based on the dependent and independent variables. But in case of a dissertation the body is divided into Literature review, Research methodology and data analysis. You can avail paper writing help from the renowned ManagementPaper to know about the different approaches towards the body of a paper and its elements.
  • Conclusion: The research paper conclusion is the section where you ‘rest your case’ with the acquired results proven with proper evidence to support your statements. It not only consists of just summing up the entire paper but provides with some strategic recommendation which may resolve the problem and prevent it from taking place again.
  • Bibliography: All the various sources from which data and information have been collected by you have to be mentioned in this section. Also you have to provide in-text citations of these sources just beside where you have placed the real facts.

Few Examples of Research Paper with All Its Elements

Example no #1

Reflect How HRM Help an Organisation to Be Successful

This is the research paper topic and will be written on the first page.

The second page will consist of the Table of contents that you will insert after finishing off the entire research paper.


  • The Human Resource Management (HRM) is aimed at ensuring that the organisation possesses the potential set of motivated, committed and skilled employees in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • The paper is aimed at reflecting the importance of HRM in an organisation and how they contribute to it.

This is the introduction of the paper where you briefly define the research paper topic and set your aims and objectives for the paper. Authentication your facts are must and thus you should use in-text citations.



  • Human resource management is the strategic practice and approach towards the management of employees in an organisation effectively to gain better performance.
  • It aims at maximizing the performance of each of the employees and thus increases the productivity of the company (Opatha, 2009).
  • The organisational goals are the influencing factors to complete the tasks within the constraints given to them.

Functions of HRM

The important functions of the HRM are: Acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance.


  • This is related to the selection and recruitment of the employees of an organisation.
  • It involves the processes of selection, planning, recruitment and socialization of the employees.


  • This phase involves making aware the employees by educating them about the work and building the required skills in them in order to make them perform well.


  • The employees should feel motivated as well and this can be achieved by providing them with activities that inspire them to improve their performance in the actual ground.


  • Employee retention is a crucial factor in any organisation. This involves preservation of employees who are capable of yielding high profits.

Importance of HRM for business

  • The most sensitive asset of an organisation is the human resource. The HRM helps in completing, preparing and managing all personal programs and policies.
  • HRM motivates the employees towards the short and long term goals of the organisation.

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

  • SHRM refers to the relationship between the employees and the goals, strategies and objectives of a company.
  • Its aim is to enhance business performance; advance competitive advantage, innovation and flexibility; and the development of a fit for organisational culture.
  • The various steps to develop SHRM

This is the body of your research paper. It is divided into various headings and subheadings. Each of the sections have to be explained in detail. In the example given above, the important points you need to mention for this topic are stated in bulleted points.


  • HRM is the soul of an organisation as it helps to get the employees for the organisation and retain them for the development and growth by educating them about various skills and processes.
  • It works with prominent and specific goals to meet the needs of the employees.

This is the conclusion part where you have to sum up the entire paper, add recommendations and end up your paper.


Ahammad, T., 2017. Personnel Management to Human Resource Management (HRM): How HRM Functions?. Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, 13(9).

Delery, J. and Roumpi, D., 2017. Strategic human resource management, human capital and competitive advantage: is the field going in circles?. Human Resource Management Journal, 27(1), pp.1-21.

This is the bibliography section and has to be represented in this manner.

The Management paper offers you with a wide range of research paper outline, research paper outline examples and research paper examples.

Example #2

Analysing the competitive advantage of Cleanaway Waste Management Limited (report)

1. Introduction

  • The factors that permit a company in outperforming their competitors is known as the competitive advantage of a company. It helps in fabricating better goods and services at cheaper rates.
  • The paper focuses on analysing the environment of an organisation, thereafter identifying and analysing its competitive advantage.

2. Brief overview of the organisation

  • Cleanaway Waste Management Limited is the largest company that deals with waste management in Australia (Cleanaway, 2020).
  • A total number of 6000 people are employed in this company across Australia. It operates across 250 branches countrywide with 5300 trucks.
  • Also the company is aimed at sustainable growth and hence is opting for cleaner ways to secure a better future (Cleanaway, 2020).

3. Analysis of the environment using theories and frameworks

3.1 External environment

  • The various external factors that would affect the functioning of the organisation could be analysed using the PESTLE analysis framework.

3.2 Internal environment

The internal environment of the company can be analysed with the help of the 4 Ps of marketing- product, price, place and promotion.

4. Competitive advantage

  • The competitive advantages of the company include its customer base and operation diversity, the leadership in market share in volume collection and the sustainable facilities of waste management.

5. Analysis of the competitive advantage identified based on:

5.1 Sources of the competitive advantage

  • The company makes use of the differentiation strategy to create brand loyalty by premium products.

5.2 Strengths of the competitive advantage

  • The company has been successful in building a strong brand portfolio. It is aimed at developing innovative products considering the sustainability of the company.

5.3 Weaknesses of the competitive advantage

  • The company’s financial planning is not efficient as depicted by the current ratios of asset and liquid assets.

5.4 Future sustainability of the competitive advantage

  • The four strategic pillars of the company are markets, people, financials and assets.
  • This is the body of the report. To write a proper body, expand the bullet points and omit the bullets. Explain each of the tit;le in great detail with proper evidence.


  • Cleanaway Waste Management Limited is the largest company that deals with waste management in Australia.
  • The competitive advantage of the company was analysed and the sources, strengths, weaknesses and the future sustainability of the competitive advantage of the company were discussed.

The conclusion consists of the summary of the entire paper.

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