Research Paper Outline Examples

Research Paper Outline Examples: Draft Yours with Ease!

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  • Mar 16, 2021

A research paper outline is the plan or blueprint of your research paper. It helps in organising the various thoughts and arguments. A good research paper outline will help in efficiently conducting the study and writing the paper.

Important Elements of a Research Paper Outline

Abstract: At times this is not included in the outline of your paper but it does not lessen its significance. Through a research paper abstract, you come to know the gist of the paper. To create a good abstract-

  1. Should be meaningful in sense.
  2. Write to the point sentences
  3. A broad overview must be entailed
  4. Make the audience engaged to read it.

Introduction: Your research paper introduction should be very much convincing and must have the quality to hook the audience. It must give the readers an overview regarding the central topic of the research paper. This introduction will also be used for the research proposal and must clearly contain the research questions and hypotheses.

Thesis: The thesis statement must be critically framed to denote what is going to be achieved in this paper. Precise and short sentences must be used for this. This sentence must portray your claim coherently and rationally. The thesis statement must also be capable of clearly answering the research question and also interpreting the paper’s subject line.

Body: This section consists of the various headings and sub-headings. The research paper topics of the paper is being divided into multiple sections to analyse and state each level of the problem clearly. This gives the readers all the information and data regarding the theoretical part of the study.

Conclusion: This is not only where you summarise your entire paper but a research paper conclusion is where you synthesise all the information you retrieved from the study. The central theme and the thesis statement are being restated here. A brief note about the findings and analysis of the study are also mentioned here. A recommendation part is there in this section, where you can recommend some strategic solutions to the problems and also state the future scope and the limitations of the study.

Making an outline is good for your paper as it would act as  your rough sketch for the entire paper. But at times it becomes difficult to determine which elements are to be included and you seem to suffer from utter confusion. In such a scenario, you can always avail affordable paper writing help from the team of Management Paper. We would be happy to help you.

Crafting Your Research Paper Outline In 5 Easy Steps:

1. Determine your thesis statement.

  1. Gather and organise the various ideas and aspects related to your thesis statement.
  2. Group similar ideas and elements together under a common heading or a sub-heading.
  3. Organise them in the most logical order possible.
  4. Break each of the headings into numerous sub-headings.

Example #1


THESIS: There is a strong relationship between sustainable practices and competitive advantages in the food industry.

I. Introduction

  1.  Introduction  
  2.  Background of the study      
  3.  Aims and Objectives 
  4.  Rationale       
  1.  Significance of the study      
  2. Hypothesis of the study         
  3. Tasks (SMART Analysis)
  4. Sources of information and resources required
  5.  Project risk    
  1. Professional issues     
  2.  Time plan      
  3.  Structure of the Dissertation 

II. The food manufacturing industry

  1.  Conceptual Framework of the research
  2.  Best management Practices and its implication on the food manufacturing industry         
  3.  Significance of food manufacturing in contemporary business environment and the EU   
  1.  Contemporary business operation and functioning of the Food Manufacturing Industry in Europe           
  2.  Interrelationship between sustainable development and competitive edge in the food manufacturing industry          

      II. Challenges in the Food manufacturing industry in the European Union         9

      A. Competitive Environment       

       B. Identified issues and challenges have proven with Porter’s Model of competitive forces

   III. Identification of issues related to sustainable development in the food manufacturing industry as per PESTEL Analysis      

  1.  Political Factors        
  2.  Economic Factors     
  3.  Social Factors
  4.  Technological Challenges     
  5.  Environmental Factors          
  6.  Legal factors 

 IV.  Impact of identified issues and challenges on the growth of food manufacturing industries, that is restricting them to implement sustainable development in their operations      

  1.  Notion of sustainability development concerning best management practices        
  2.  Alternative strategies and theories that can be integrated by food manufacturing industries for overcoming its issues identified, extending to its failure and success           

1 Theory of Reasoned Action

2 Hawkins’ theory and consumer behaviour in the Food and Beverage market

3 The EKB model (Engell, Kollet, Blackwell model) and Consumer Behaviour in the market       

4 Technological solutions that can be implemented by manufacturing industries to incorporate sustainable development in their operational management process         

VI. Sustainability and Fair Trade in the EU  

1 Critical evaluation of trade relation of EU with other countries, in context of sustainability development           

VII. Briefly review sustainable policies and practices that can be adapted by the food manufacturing industry for enhancing its overall productivity and sustaining long term economic and social benefits        

VIII. Conclusion

A. Conclusion

B. Recommendations 

C. Contribution of research study     

1 Academic Perspective         

2 Practitioners Perspective     

Example #2

TITLE: Reflect how HRM helps an organisation to be successful

THESIS: The Human Resource Management (HRM) is aimed at ensuring that the organisation possesses the potential set of motivated, committed and skilled employees in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

I. Introduction

  1.  Human resource as an asset of the company
  2.  Human resource management

II. The various functions of human resource management

  1.  The processes of selection, planning, recruitment and socialisation of the employees.
  2.  Making aware the employees by educating them about the work and building the required skills in them in order to make them perform well
  3.  Motivating the employees so that they feel motivated as well and this can be achieved by providing them with activities that inspire them to improve their performance in the actual ground.
  4.  Employee retention involves preservation of employees who are capable of yielding high profits

III. Importance of HRM for business

  1.  The HRM helps in completing, preparing and managing all personal programs and policies
  2.  The benefits of the organization are increased with the help of the development and training of its human resources.
  3.  To compete well in the market, change management is one of the essential factors and it is the responsibility of the HR manager to train and prepare the employees for change management.
  4.  HRM motivates the employees towards the short and long term goals of the organisation
  5.  Through experimental and innovative values, cost reduction is done with the help of HRM in the organisation.

IV. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

  1.  The way in which HRM relates to between the employees and the goals, strategies and objectives of a company.
  2.  Steps to develop SHRM
  1.  Development of a proper understanding of the organisation’s objectives
  2.  Evaluating the HR capability
  3.  Analysing the present HR capacity with respect to the goals
  4.  Estimating the HR requirements for the future
  5.  Determination of the tools required to complete the task by the employees

V. Conclusion

  1.  HRM is the soul of an organisation
  2. Recommendations and limitations

Example #3

TITLE: Market analysis of Cleanaway Waste Management Limited

THESIS: The development of the market will result in the dilution of the advantages of the competitors and this will help the company to increase its market competitiveness

I. Introduction

  1.  About the company
  2.  Background of the company

II. Analysis of the environment using theories and frameworks

  1.  External environment analysis using the PESTEL framework
  2.  Internal environment using the 4 Ps of marketing- product, price, place and promotion.

III. Competitive advantage

  1.  Analysis of the competitive advantage identified based on-
  2.  Sources of the competitive advantage
  3.  Strengths of the competitive advantage
  4.  Strengths of the competitive advantage
  5.  Weaknesses of the competitive advantage
  6.  Future sustainability of the competitive advantage

IV. Conclusion

  1.  Summary of the company that has the opportunity of investing in the online platform to the customers well and makes better use of analytics of big data.
  2.  Recommend strategies to overcome the problems analysed.

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