Write an Essay Outline: Organise and Structure Your Essay

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  • Mar 25, 2021

With the essay outline, it will become much easier to determine the order in which you are going to place your topic and the ideas related to the argument of the essay.

Why Do You Need to Write an Essay Outline?

The essay outline is an organisational tool that is used by the students, authors and researchers in their professional academic writing. It forms the foundation for your entire academic paper and makes up a contents list that consists of the dominant ideas from the essay. You need to write an essay outline as it will be helpful to you in the following manner:

  • It forms the blueprint of your essay and helps you to collect, assemble, organise and categories the various data and information.
  • A better understanding of your subject will be gained by you and as a result of this; you will be able to make the readers understand the paper in a better manner.
  • The need to write an essay outline stands true when among a heap of information; you need to find a particular piece of data or fact related to the argument.

‘How to write an essay outline’- one of the most common questions being asked by the students. They face a lot of difficulties while drafting the essay paper and so the urge to know the proper structure to write an essay outline becomes quite prominent in the. Stop spending the days worrying about your paper. The team of the Management Paper is great at teaching you in an efficient manner how to write an essay as well as how to write an essay outline.

The Format for To Write an Essay Outline

 The essay is being divided into three prominent parts- the essay introduction, the essay body and the essay conclusion. The introduction involves a thesis statement at its end. In the body of an essay, there exist multiple paragraphs, where each of the paragraphs denotes a particular idea related to the entire problem or argument of the essay. These ideas have to be supported by authenticated evidence to prove their validation. Without proper references, the facts and information that you will be stating in the essay will turn null and void. In the essay outline, you have to present the idea or the notion portrayed by each of these paragraphs in a single line or two. This outline is made for two principle purposes:

  • To structure a backbone for your essay so that it becomes easier for you to write the essay in a structured and organised manner.
  • To make it clear and transparent to the readers about the concept of the essay topic and how the essay will proceed through the various paragraphs.

The various ways to write an essay outline in the most appropriate manner can be taught in a very efficient manner by a paper writer from the team of the Management paper. They know what kind of essays will be the most appreciated one and will also yield you A+ grade. They make sure to meet all your requirements for the paper and thus you will learn how to write an essay outline as well as drafting any types of essays.

A Template for The Exact Way to Write an Essay Outline Is Given Below:

I. Introduction

  • The ‘hook’ statement
  • Background information related to the essay topic
  • Thesis statement- catchy and attractive

II. First topic- present in the first paragraph of the essay body

A. State the first point

  • Validate with the first evidence
  • Validate with the second evidence

B. State the second point

  • Validate with the first evidence
  • Validate with the second evidence

III. Present the second topic in the next paragraphs

A. State the first point

  • Validate with the first evidence
  • Validate with the second evidence

B. State the second point

  • Validate with the first evidence
  • Validate with the second evidence

IV. Present the third topic in the next paragraphs

A. State the first point

  • Validate with the first evidence
  • Validate with the second evidence

B. State the second point

  • Validate with the first evidence
  • Validate with the second evidence

V. Conclusion

  • Sum up all the points given in the essay or synthesis them to form a short result of the analysis done in the essay
  • State the importance of the topic and how students will yield helpful information from in the future
  • End your essay with a closing statement that is strong, clear and will make the reader think deeply on the given topic.

Example of An Essay Outline

I. Introduction

  • The importance and the relevance of the Internet
  • The various concerns related to the usage of the Internet
  • Thesis statement: Internet, overall has a positive impact on its users

II. The harmful effects of the internet on ruining the concentration and attention

A. The excessive usage of smartphones- being the biggest distraction in a classroom

  • Analysis of this issue with proper authenticated data and evidence
  • Provide the counter argument- stating that this saying is overstated

B.   People, especially the students are losing their patience levels while reading a particular thing

  • Students, nowadays hardly gets any time to sit and read as they are overburdened with the co-curricular activities mostly
  • Support this data and state why questions may arise regarding this data

 III. The various flexible features offered by the Internet

A. The availability of various kinds of media to engage the students in the various activities

  •  Media found in the computers in the digital mode
  • Media found that is used to interact with people

B.  Conducting Independent research through the easy, accessible means

  • The simple nature and the agility of the online research
  • State how this idea can be reliable or various questions may arise regarding its relevance and along with this make a swift and smooth transition to the next paragraph.

  IV. stated how Wikipedia is being helpful to the students

A. The disadvantages of using Wikipedia

  • It is a widely used site for getting various kinds of information and is omnipresent on the internet and being used by all- anyone has the right to edit data there
  • It does not encourages the academic writing and denies any engagement with it

B. The advantages of Wikipedia

  • Wikipedia itself has a warning for the students for not using information from their site for citation or referencing
  • The biggest advantage is that it makes a student learn about citation and the various citation styles, along with its features.

    V. Conclusion

  • Summary of the most crucial ideas
  • The importance of digital education i the academic sphere
  • Spread more optimistic thoughts regarding the use of the Internet judiciously.

Knowing the proper way to write an essay outline has turned out to be quite important and significant. An academic essay involves a lot of critical stages in being written up and one also has to meet all the criteria stated by the professor. So it often becomes a tedious task for the student to manage all the workload by themselves. In such a scenario a student may always reach out to the team of the Managementpaper. They will not only write your essay, but with diligence and high quality, submitting the paper even during the strict deadlines.

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