50 Brilliant Different Kinds of Essay Topics For 2021

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  • Mar 29, 2021

Essay writing is quite a common phenomenon in our lives since our days of childhood. These are mostly focussed piece writing that revolves around a specific subject, which is the essay topic, which has to be explained from various perspectives to your readers. Writing an essay can be equally easier and equally difficult if you do not know the exact ways of writing one.

Some General Tips on How to Write an Essay:

  • Start your process of writing by brainstorming as many ideas as possible. Try to define your strengths and chalking out various kinds of ideas is a good thing to begin your essay with.
  • Once you have collected the various ideas, try to organise them into different sections and provide them with a structure. This will form your essay outline that will help you to decide what and where to write in your essay.
  • The three significant parts of an essay must be clearly developed in your writing: the essay introduction, the essay body and the essay conclusion.
  • Your statements must be focused on the essay topics and do not put more focus on the background of the topic.
  • The context of your essay must make proper sense to your readers.

The Different Kinds of Essays

Once you know how to take the approach towards the essays, the next is that you have a clear knowledge regarding the different types of essays. The most common types of essays are:

  1. Argumentative Essays : As the name suggests, in an argumentative essay, you have to raise arguments and establish claims on the given essay topic. These are essays where you need to investigate upon a topic, present your claims and convenience the readers about them. You have to take a particular side on the subject of the essays, that is, you need to write either for or against the topic.
  2. Persuasive Essays : Persuasive essays are the kind of essays where the writer has to persuade the readers about the writer’s perspective and opinions about a particular subject related to the essays. These essays are a lot similar to that of the Argumentative essays. With the use of logic, sound reasoning, expert opinion, examples and facts, you have to try to build a strong and organised case.
  3. Narrative Essays : Narration is the most significant part of narrative essays and thus in such an essay, you have to narrate an experience that is completely personal to you. It is all about telling a story to your readers- a convincing and evident one. The use of this first person can make the readers step into the shoes of the writer. The use of syntax and complex ideas must be completely avoided. The different ideas should be distributed fairly among the various paragraphs in the essay body.
  4. Descriptive Essays : Descriptive essays are the essays where you need to describe a particular thing, place or any experience or notion. You are required to place your personal thoughts and opinions along with some expert opinion regarding the subject of your essays. The detailing has to be in-depth and must appeal to the emotional as well as the sensory feelings of the readers. You must describe the thing in such a manner so that the reader is left with no space for any doubts or questions.

Brilliant Essay Topics for Argumentative Essays:

  1. Punishing the individuals gravely who all have been failing at parenting.
  2. Is boredom the actual reason that gets the teenagers into trouble?
  3. Paternity leave- a necessary leave for a co-parent and a new father.
  4. The role of technology in the lives of the people that is responsible for making them feel more isolated and insecure.
  5. Is it possible for an age to come where there will be further innovations and advancements in the field of technology?
  6. The various owners of the different platforms of social media should initiate more in-depth monitoring and blocking of comments containing hateful languages.
  7. Do you acquire the ‘art of becoming a politician’ or are you born with such talent?
  8. The physically disabled people need to have more convenience and ease on the streets for travelling on their own.
  9. The use of certain kinds of animals for research and experimental purposes in the laboratories must be made illegal.
  10. The inclusion of physical education in schools must be made mandatory to observe proper health status among the children.

Brilliant Essay Topics for Persuasive Essays:

  1. The use of different energy drinks must be immediately prohibited in various colleges and schools.
  2. Gambling should never have been made legal.
  3. Should there be a reason of personal abortions or should it be made illegal?
  4. The use of innocent animals in the circus
  5. Are the profiles of the candidates on their social media platforms important for the employers to employ them for their job?
  6. Java is slowly becoming an extinct language.
  7. The importance of LinkedIn for searching for the appropriate jobs.
  8. Vlogging- how apt is this as a career prospect?
  9. The use of cellphones in the school must be prohibited.
  10. The employer has always got the right to terminate any employee committing an immoral act in tier personal lives.

Some Essay Topics for Descriptive Essays:

  1. The most important person in your life who has left an indelible impression upon you and thus changed your life forever.
  2. The importance of human resource management for a company and yielding more revenues and expanding the company.
  3. To expand a business, one always needs to do a market analysis. How is it done and why?
  4. Your grandfather’s collection of books- a box full of treasure that uplifts your mood at any given point.
  5. To a stranger, portray how you are going to describe yourself and place in front your personality.
  6. Describe the incident where a dog saved your life and later one this doge became your most trusted and loyal friend in life.
  7. An event of great significance in the history of America.
  8. The most astonishing piece of craft that you have ever seen.
  9. Your notion about the most perfect life.
  10. The internal strategies of a company to set up a start-up company in a foreign market.

Some Good Narrative Essay Topics:

  1. A particular incident in your life that gave you the realization that your parents were not or were always correct.
  2. The contribution of your teachers in your life in making you the person you are today in your life.
  3. The ways in which technology has affected your hobbies and had an influence in your life.
  4. A life without technological gadgets and the internet.
  5. The most memorable school lesson that has a great impact in your life.

Some Good Expository Essay Topics:

  1. The reason within the teenagers for committing suicide.
  2. The ways in which music can have a lasting impact on the youth.
  3. The innovation and advancements due to science has changed the lives of human beings greatly.
  4. The various stress factors in the lives of the teenagers.
  5. Can global warming genuinely lead to skin cancer?

Some Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

  1. Students with part time jobs or students being unemployed?
  2. TOEFL and SAT
  3. Argumentative essay and persuasive essay- similarities and differences between them.
  4. Educational career or professional career- which is the most intensive stage for a person and why?
  5. Consequences of tsunami and earthquake- which is worse and why?

Some Brilliant Cause and Effect Essay Topics:

  1. The increasing depression visible among the teenagers-reasons and causes
  2. Workplace anxiety and stress- reasons and causes
  3. The ways in which feminism has affected all of us.
  4. The effects of home-schooling among the children.
  5. The reasons for the rising stress among the children at care.

The knowledge of how to write an essay is crucial for each of the students. There are many types of essays with different approaches and formats in each of them. To know more about essay topics get in touch with experts at the ManagementPaper, an efficient essay writing company just a click away.

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