How to Conclude Your Essay

The Crisp Manner to Know How to Conclude Your Essay

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  • Apr 10, 2021

The conclusion is the ultimate and the very last paragraph of your essays. It is aimed at:

  • Tying together all the important points of your essay
  • To show the readers the significance of your claims and arguments
  • Leaving a strong impression upon your readers after they have finished writing the essay

The various functions that are done in the conclusion of your essay are-

Returning Back to Your Thesis Statement

You have to begin your essay conclusion in such a manner so that the readers get a hint that your essay is already coming to an end. You can do this by returning to all the claims and arguments that you have previously stated in your essay. You will not just simply repeat or restate the thesis statement, rather will try rephrasing your own claims and arguments in such a manner so that it shows the way how you have been shaping the essay since the essay introduction. To show how to return back to the thesis, you can write: “Braille paved the way for dramatic cultural changes in the way blind people were treated and the opportunities available to them.”

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Reviewing the Main Points of Your Essay

You must always remember the most important points that you have used in the essay body to support your claims and arguments. You have to avoid writing a general summary of each of the paragraphs in the essay body or repeating them in the particular order as in the essay body. All the topic sentences, the main ideas established and the important claims have been written in an order that would make the connections between each of them transparent to the readers. It is your final chance in the conclusion of your essay to show the readers the interconnections between the paragraphs and how they contribute as a whole to the essay topic.

Example: “Louis Braille’s innovation was to reimagine existing reading systems from a blind perspective, and the success of this invention required sighted teachers to adapt to their students’ reality instead of the other way around. In this sense, Braille helped drive broader social changes in the status of blindness.”

Show the Readers Why How to Conclude Your Essay Matters

The argument’s implications must be considered by you and you must view the topic from a broader perspective in the conclusion of your essay-

  • How far does the essay contribute towards a unique and new understanding of the subject of the essay?
  • Is it capable of raising new questions that may be useful for the future study?
  • Can it pave the way for predictions or practical suggestions?
  • How far can you apply this to various other contexts?
  • Will it be possible to connect this study to a broader theme or debate?

Irrespective of the kinds of essay or the essay topic, the essay conclusion must be capable of placing forth the significance of your claims and arguments, whether that be within the academic sphere or an outer wider aspect. The readers must be left with an indelible impression after reading the entire essay and thus you must end it with decisive and strong sentences.

Example: “New accessibility tools provide practical advantages to those who need them, but they can also change the perspectives and attitudes of those who do not.”.

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The Things That You Should Not Include in The Conclusion of Your Essay

Your essay conclusion is the final part of your essay. But that does not mean that you will write up anything you want to and somehow end up the academic piece. This is wrong. Most of the students fail to understand the importance of how to conclude an essay in the most proper manner just like your essay body. The teacher will judge all the arts of the individual and thus you must show that you have given equal amounts of dedication to the various parts included in the essay format and essay outline. Look at any good essay example, you will find that be it the essay introduction, essay body or the essay conclusion, the writer has written it in an organised and placed the facts in a crisp manner so that it becomes quite easy for the reader to understand the aspects of the essay topic.

There is an easy way to eliminate the various common mistakes being made in essay conclusions.

  1. No new evidence is to be included in the conclusion part

Any kind of evidence, example or analysis that is required to prove your point of view or support your claims and arguments in the essay has to be mentioned only in the essay body. The conclusion will majorly include the summation of the main points. Only some minor new data can be included such as one or two sentences explaining the implications on the broader end or may be a quotation that will help you to critically sum up your most important points. But no new evidence or source can be used which was not mentioned earlier and thus needs further explanation.

  1. Do not make use of the common phrases to conclude the essay

The essays you are writing at this level are quite different from the ones that you have learnt since your elementary level. Thus you cannot use phrases like “In conclusion…” or “To sum up…” The teacher or the readers consider these phrases to be nor forbidden and thus have the ability to turn down the quality of your essay and make it sound a lot weaker. Once you return back to the thesis statement and also put forward the main claims and arguments of your essay, the readers will automatically understand that is the conclusion of the essay. You do not have to mention it separately.

  1. Do not let your claims and argument get undermined

Do not confuse the teacher or the readers with unnecessary words or phrases that are unapologetic and can be uncertain and confusing for them. You must not include things like-

  • “There is no clear answer to this problem.”
  • “There are good arguments on both sides of this issue.”
  • “This is just one approach among many.”

You are writing this essay with a purpose as well as with clear objectives and aims. So you cannot write that there is no clear answer to the issue as that is what you have been for and that is the purpose of your essay- to solve the problem and provide reliable answers. You have to argue about the essay topic being from one side only- either for or against the topic. You cannot be on two boats at the same time. That is unacceptable and the readers just would not accept that.  Also if you think an essay has got many approaches, if not all, mention some of them with proper details and sources. You just cannot randomly say that it had many approaches. You have to keep your position fixed and clear. You have to convince the readers about your argument and approach and make it a lot reliable to the readers.

Writing the conclusion or knowing the perfect ways of how to conclude an essay can turn out to be a bit difficult or a boring task for you. In such a scenario the experts at the Management Paper are always there at your help. With them, you can write brilliant papers that will surely yield good marks.

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