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Research Paper Conclusion- End Your Paper on A Good Note

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  • Mar 12, 2021

A paper without a conclusion is similar to that of a story without any ending- incomplete and abrupt. A good research paper is the one that has two striking elements: a good research paper introduction and a brilliant research paper conclusion. It is in the conclusion where the significance of the paper is justified.

Defining A Research Paper Conclusion

A conclusion is the counterpart of the introduction. It is that part of the research paper that helps in leading the readers from specific, narrow results to more general and broader conclusions. The consequences of your varied arguments are described in the section by justifying to the readers the need and importance of your arguments.  A conclusion has to be more encompassing and extensive as compared to each of the findings and, in the same line, various other findings can be integrated into one single conclusion. It not only forms an important part of the research paper, but also helps in completing the sense of the research paper abstract and research proposal.

The Structure of Conclusion

As per a good research paper format, the conclusion forms the final chapter of a research paper. It consists of the following elements:

Chapter 5: Conclusion

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendation

5.3 Limitations of the study

5.4 Future scope of the study

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Importance of A Research Paper Conclusion

Without a proper conclusion, the entire paper will be an incomplete one. Any good research paper outline demands a good conclusion. Apart from completing the paper, a conclusion plays many other roles too:

  • The significance of the observation, insights and findings are demonstrated in this section.
  • It presents the importance of the thesis statement.
  • A bigger picture of the paper is created in this section that will help the readers to view the research topic in a new light and as a whole.
  • It maintains the balance in the entire paper.
  • It sums up the key aspects of the research paper.
  • Provides the readers with some effective and strategic recommendations that will help in eradicating the problem to a specific level.
  • It portrays the future scope of the study and also points out the research gap in the domain.
  • It opens up doors for expanded thinking and promotes new ideas.

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Effective Strategies to Pen Down A Good Conclusion

  • Briefly restate the topic. You must explain the importance of the topic. Do not spend great space or time and instead use just a single sentence to refer to the topic.
  • State your thesis statement again. A focused view is presented by the thesis. You must rephrase the sentence in your thesis you used in the introduction, and should not have a similar identity.
  • Summarise the main element briefly. This one of the most important parts that you have to include in your conclusion. Remind and give the readers a quick recapitulation of the important elements in the body. An easy way of doing this is to re-reading the heading and the sub-heading sentences of each major section in the body of the paper. Do not use repetition. Also do not use or introduce any new information or fact and neither use any citation to authenticate your viewpoints. Also a conclusion is not just a summary of your paper. A summary can be an element of this section, but the conclusion goes beyond just restating your analysis and ideas. Instead of repeating the words already stated in the body of your study, you should demonstrate how the essential elements in the paper coherently fit together to your audience.
  • Add up the various points. In case your paper goes forward in an inductive manner and you did not yet explain the significance of your viewpoints, you must do so in the research paper conclusion. If you have already stated the significance of the topic in great detail, you need to explain much about them in the conclusion section. Restating your thesis or stating the significance of your study should suffice. It is a best practice to address crucial issues and explain in detail your points in the research paper body. The point of a conclusion is to sum up your argument for the reader and, if needed, to call the reader to action.
  • A call to action. You can state the future scope and possibility of this topic to be used for further research. It is to be noted that a call for action is not necessary for all conclusions. Suppose a research paper on literary criticism is less likely to provide a call for action than a paper on the topic of the effects that television has on young children and toddlers. A paper that addresses a public or scientific need is more likely to call readers to action.
  • State and answer to the ‘so what question’. A conclusion of a research paper is your opportunity to explain an issue in a broader concept. It is also the section that would help the readers to understand why the topic of your paper really matters. The conclusion must be utilised to answer the “so what” question as the significance of your research topic may not be that obvious to the readers.
  • Usage of past tense. In the introduction of the research paper, you use future tense to denote that you will be doing activities and performing the specific research methodology to conduct the research properly. But in the conclusion section, you will use past tense as you have already conducted the research with the apt methods and stated your analysis in an organised manner too.

Things to Be Avoided in Your Conclusion Section

  1. Obvious and generic opening sentences or phrases. Never start your conclusion with generic opening phrases like “In summary,” “In conclusion,”  “In closing,” etc. This may be an effective transition in case of an oral presentation, but it does not work the same way in case of actual paper where the readers are capable of telling exactly which part of the paper they are reading.
  2. Addition of new data and information. All important information and data should be in the body of the paper. Conclusion is not the correct section for introducing new information as it is the section that is meant for communicating with the readers regarding the value of your research paper.
  3. Elaborate and lengthy discussions. It must be straightforward and concise. Avoid dwelling on interpretations and descriptions that are expected to be in the body of your research paper, including discussions of the research methodologies and results of the study in detail.
  4. Saying sorry or apologizing. Once you have reached the concluding part of your paper, you might have doubts related to your study. You might be questioning yourself whether you have done enough work and thus may feel the urge to apologize to the readers. Do not underestimate your authority over the research by stating doubts related to your approach and hence apologizing for not including other research methodologies that you may have thought to be better than yours. You must be aware of the fact that you have immersed yourself completely in your research and with the fullest potential have covered all the basic requirements to produce a well-backed and sound research paper.
  5. Appealing to the emotions of the readers. The conclusion, like the rest of your paper, has to be analytical, and not emotional. You must avoid using sentimental statements to appeal to the emotions of the readers as this has got the tendency to fall out of character with what should be a scientific and logical research study.

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