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Top Research Paper Topics for A Brilliant Research Paper 2021

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  • Mar 12, 2021

A title of any writing is the first thing we all get attracted to and once interested in that topic, we continue to read the entire piece. But if the title of the writing is not attractive and is too drab, then no one will continue to read the rest of the paper. The research paper topics have to be chosen carefully to build interest and hook the reader to read the paper. It is quite difficult to get new topics to research upon as there are so many taking place at the same time, yet not impossible. Below given are some of the top-notch topics to write your research paper on and get brilliant grades in return.

Importance of Research Paper Topics

A topic has varied importance in determining the fate of the paper. They are:

  1. It becomes the skeleton to provide support and hence substantiate the thesis statement of the academic writing. It is completely based upon the topic of a research that helps in writing the research paper introduction, research paper abstract and research proposal.
  2. The title will define the domain of the research and make the target audience understand its implications.
  3. The title works as a worm to catch the fish. It gets you the right set of audience and helps them to get motivated by the research.

To know more about the importance and other facets of a research paper topic, visit the website of the Management paper, to get an insight about the entire topic.

The Measures to Be Taken While Choosing A Proper Topic

  1. You must choose the topic that belongs to your domain and from the field you are interested in.
  2. It must not cover a wide area and hence should be a narrowed down idea representing a particular set of aspects.
  3. The background should not be holding a lot of history.
  4. The topic should be simple enough to be understood and not complex and critical in nature.
  5. Best if you can get hold of a trending and contemporary idea and evolve it into your topic.

 4 Tips to Write an Effective Research Paper Topic

  1. Your research topic title must clearly define the particular topic, the research methodology to be used, the sample and finally the results of the study.

For example:  [Result]: A [method] study of [topic] among [sample]

Like, Meditation is beneficial for nurses: a qualitative research of mindfulness meditation among the German nursing trainees.

  1. Avoid the use of jargons and unnecessary words. It should be that simple, that even people not belonging from this field, will be easily able to guess and get knowledge about the title.
  2. Do not exceed the word limit of your topic beyond 15 words and do not make it less than 5 words.
  3. In case of a research journal, make sure that the topic conforms to the requirements and standards of that specific outlet.

The Management Paper has got the capability to make innovative and attractive topics for your paper. They will provide you with a number of topic options and you can choose the most apt one among them.

Common but Catchy Research Paper Topics

  • Should a team be diversified in nature and why?
  • Why is there more popularity for a particular type of sport among people than the rest?
  • The evolution of leisure time activities of the people during their lifetime.
  • Procrastination and how to deal with it.
  • Imagine how the world would have been bereft of the inventions of Nikola Tesla.

Some Great Research Paper Topics for Student Researchers

  • To what extent the new technological innovations in the automobile industry are sustainable in nature and friendly towards the environment.
  • As compared to personal computers, what makes the smartphones more resistant towards the harmful attack of bugs and viruses?
  • Internet of Things: an unbelievable innovation in the world of digital technology
  • The failure of vector graphics to compete with pixels and the reason for vector graphics not becoming a mainstream one.
  • Molten salt nuclear reactors: advantages and disadvantages for the future.
  • The effect of celebrity branding on the customers’ buying behaviour with respect to the case of Charlotte Tilbury.
  • The mental, physical and psychological well-being of the children at care and how they are looked after.
  • In order to initiate a start-up company in the UK, discuss in great depth the various market entry plans and strategies with few theories and analysis techniques.
  • The changing buying behaviour of the customers post coronavirus pandemic and how it has affected the market.
  • Mental health is the state of ‘well-being’ where people are able to realise their own abilities, can get over the stress in their lives, will be able to work fruitfully and productively and thereafter is able to contribute to their community. Justify
  • Ways to prevent the rising hacking threats by financial companies and banks.
  • How to enhance the customer experience on your payment gateway of the online business site?
  • Impact of the effectiveness on leadership on the employees of a company with special reference to Amazon.
  • Discuss the implementation of customer support service through chat portal at ALDI.
  • Relationship between revenue and employees cost in case of Indian companies.
  • Reflect how HRM helps an organisation to be successful.

Topics on Strategic Business Management and Planning

  • A case study of Qatar airways to understand and analyse their competitive advantage and strategic management techniques.
  • The in-depth study of the communicational strategies of Google.
  • Analysing the managing capability of Amazon
  • The strategic management for an upcoming fintech start-up company in the USA
  • A competitive advantage on the Cleanaway Waste Management Limited Company and analysing its management strategies to retain in the market and flourish.
  • Drawing a research analysis to better understand the impact which the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 has had over the business sectors, in particular the company Burberry. Also identify the various challenges which the organization is facing due to the pandemic crisis and to recognize potential methods of mitigating these issues.
  • Business planning for an international health insurance provider who is planning to set up their business in India.
  • Sustainability management and competitive analysis in the food manufacturing industry.
  • Stakeholder management and strategic management – complementary or contrasting?
  • Analyse the case study of the British Petroleum Plc. for getting a detailed insight into the energy generation industry based in the UK.

Research Paper Topics on Accounting and Finance

  • Administrative accounting: its significance and the role played by it in an organisation.
  • Merger or acquisition endeavors: which is better and why? Explain with the help of two recent case studies for each of them.
  • Analyse with proper evidence the financial performance of Shell PLC.
  • Evaluating Barclay’s investment and private banking.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the Tablet industry based in Australia.
  • Compare the financial performance and investment of the renowned Domino’s Pizza Group Plc.

Research Paper Topics on Supply Chain Management and Operations Management

  • Adoption and implementation of green supply chain models globally for a sustainable future.
  • How the subsidies are putting a great impact on the green supply chain management in case of the various Chinese firms?
  • The impact of big data in the supply chain management of a company.
  • Assessing the strategies and operational structure of Mac Donald’s.
  • Globalisation is affecting greatly the supply chain management and logistics and causing troubles in the smooth functioning of a company.
  • Analyse the case study of Al-Hassan Group of Companies in order to get a deep insight of its operations management.
  • Analyse how the 5 Rights Model can influence the lean supply chain of a particular enterprise and stagger its growth.
  • An in depth overview of the entire planning process relative to a company’s supply chain management.
  • An empirical study about the inherent threats and risks of supply chain management in the construction firms based in the UK.

Research Paper Topics on Human Resource Management

  • Discuss the role of human resource management and the different cross-culture practices in a multinational company.
  • Understanding the international human resource management system with special reference to the case study of Starbucks.
  • Analyse the various challenges that are faced by Ooredoo Telecommunications in the management of their employees.
  • Explain how learning and coaching sessions in the workplace can turn out to be benefitting for the staff.
  • The impact of Leadership: its significance and role in Change and employee management.

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